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About Pip Signal

Welcome to Pip Signal
Pip Signal is a trading platform built for trading analysis, Cryptocurrency or the Forex market. Our mission is to make trading seamlessly easy and very proiftable with our technologies.
Vision, Tech and Setup
Pip Signal uses the following technologies:

- USAN (Universal Short Account Number Universal Wallet and Global Short Account Number)

- TL (Time Locking)

- DCRM (Distributed Rights Management)

- SCT (Smart Contract Template) to allow users and companies to easily create financial derivatives or develop suitable products based on market needs and target demographics.

- QS (Quantum Swap)

Purpose of Pip Signal
Pip Signal is an application that basically allows anyone to be their own “Digital Bank”. PipSig’s goal is to achieve world-wide financial freedom. People will form a value interconnection with Pip Signal since whatever financial services they need, they can dynamically create them with a few taps.

For example, creating a smart contract with customized financial functions is a couple of clicks away, and carrying out financial transactions to serve both your personal life and your business is as simple as 1–2–3. With no intermediaries and no bureaucracy, Pip Signal is making Fusion’s tech accessible to anyone, so that automated financial code becomes the new norm.
Why you should Invest with us.
Pip Signal is a platform that:

- offers instant value straight from the very beginning

- is secure

- is stable

- is bug free

- you can use to easily pay (more details to come), connect, earn and engage in banking activities from the comfort of your couch.

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